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It’s been a really positive experience, integrating and adapting KrakenD with you. Besides the intrinsic properties and high performance of the product, the fitting proposals and great ideas Dani has come with, as well as the fast modules development, testing and deployment have been key factors to a neat progress of the project.

Brutale’s team, with Albert in the head, has helped Privalia to develop a DevOps mindset with the creation of a CI/CD pipeline for microservices and also to dockerize all our complex and fractioned legacy systems so now we can develop and deploy our artifacts as containers in a simple way. Our teams are super happy to work like this as we are able to start all our systems for developing and with our own data set, being able to run all our tests in minutes and being able to deploy to production at any time without dependencies on any other team.

Brutales has brought to Privalia the devops practices we were missing and has had a lot of patience and tenacity to achieve it. Thanks Albert and Brutale!

Albert Lombarte tiene muy claro lo que tiene que hacer y como debe hacerlo. Darle un objetivo significa conseguirlo. Se desenvuelve muy bien tanto entre ingenieros como entre directivos. No le cuesta decir que no ni cambiar de opinión cuando la situación lo requiere. No puedes ir mal con él.
Albert and his team helped us moving our infrastructure from on premise vps to aws. With their help we passed from an obsolete lamp application to an inmutable docker based system in less than a year. Their knowledge of performance issues and their ability to resolve them are incredible. I hope we can work together in the future!
Albert besides being an outstanding professional with tons of experience, he is and amazing person. It’s a real pleasure working with you, man! He has provided me with on going support and acted as a devil advocate making me feel confident that my decisions and progress were the right one. Thank you Albert.
I know Albert since many years and during that time I have watched him grow professionally to the highest level in IT (e-commerce, devops, architecture, programming, project management, etc.), the times when we have not worked together. He is super knowledgeable and experienced, hard working, serious about his craft and the business, and totally dependable. After he started working on his own IT consultancy company, I have hired him many times when I had some technical problem out of my expertise, and he always provided a good solution. I would work with him again anytime, anywhere.