Advice and technical co-pilot

We have been working in the Internet sector for the past 20 years. We have developed components and managed people on the most trafficked sites on the Internet but we also know very well the start-ups and the hard beginnings.

We are the co-pilot during your road trip. While you are still driving, we are there to help you reach the goals.

We have extensive experience in software and process management.

The formula is simple:

1) Understand your business

During the Discovery phase we do several sessions with different people from the project in order to:

  • Understand business objectives.
  • Gather all the necessary information to be able to advise.
  • Identify real problems and technological challenges.
  • Evaluate the technological platform and processes.
  • Understand the technical level of the team, organizational limitations, frictions, or any impediment to productivity.
  • Establish the KPIs to measure results of the following phases.

2) Action plan:

With all the inputs collected we will elaborate an initial action plan that we will discuss and refine with you in an iterative way.

We will make sure that the proposal helps you achieve both the short and long term objectives. We are technology purists and we work with the best practices, but we also know that you have to be creative when the deadline is close and the budget threatens.

3) Run and measure

Whether with your resources or with our own, we will execute the plan agreed incrementally, always trying to carry out actions Measurable where the return is seen as quickly as possible.

We will take care of the follow-up, measuring the KPI and to keep adjusting what is necessary

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