Cybersecurity services

Brutale offers cybersecurity services managed by professional engineers with several years of experience and international recognition.


Reports and Newsletters

  • IOCs (Index of compromise) on the company
  • Monthly newsletters with up to date and hot topics.
  • Analysis of security incidents
  • Recommendations to stay secure
  • Early alerting about possible events that might affect the security globally


Vulnerability analysis

A continuous service to check and follow-up vulnerabilities, including the delivery of regular reports based on OSSTMM, ISSAF, NIST800-115, OWASP, PTES, and PCI



Emulation of real attacks (black/white/grey box) and tailored exploits. Follow-up of vulnerabilities.


Thread detection

The thread detection service collects and analyzes network traffic to find malicious patterns and detect infected machines.

A  forensic analysis  of key internal assets is executed and an artifact checking  of the extraction (files, IPs, domains, URLs…). Using the collected data we also offer an answer to the incidents raised.


Analysis of malware and reverse engineering:

Analysis, IOC extraction, and identification of malware samples checking domains and IPs.


eCrime services

Tailored services to fight against computer felonies and protect systems that are exposed directly or indirectly to the Internet.


Brand protection

Alerting and follow-up of similar domains that are registered, monitoring of your domains and email records (MX), keywords exploration.



Specific trainings of you staff in security

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