Migration to microservices

We have migrated monolithic applications to microservices many times, using a progressive and incremental approach.

We can help you split the monolith, or maybe just advice you during this journey.

Development and consulting in microservices

Chopping a single large application (monolith) into microservices provides you two immediate benefits:

  • Agility
  • Scalability

The following items are clear indicators that you are running issues related to scalability or agility:

Agility Scalability
You are not releasing several times per week The system is very rigid
After a deploy, the application has a long warm-up time The system goes down because of a specific functionality
Developers find the code difficult to understand You are increasing the hardware, but the performance is still bad
The code has too much dependencies The system presents locks or race conditions
Developers are fixing conflicts all the time The system is fragile and must be handled very carefully
Integration tests are a nightmare Some processes eat up all machines resources
All problems are solved with the same tool/framework Performance of the sytem in regression
“Pray and push” deploys You need to scale because of a single functionality
New features take a lot of time Unclear linking between components

Having smaller pieces facilitates the speed of development and gives you peace of mind when it comes to testing new features or making infrastructure changes.

We can help you with:

  • Development of microservices
  • Design of the microservices architecture and migration plan
  • Deployment of microservices in the cloud
  • Continuous integration
  • Communication between services and persistence

Are you interested? Let's speak!