Engagement Reviews

Face your company goals with your team’s more and the underlying technology.

Is your company ready for its challenges?

Our approach is to facilitate the review of your organization, technology, and processes via continued meetings with all key stakeholders, including any external providers.

We are going to:

  • Collect feedback, data, and make an assessment.
  • Discuss the best possible scenarios and make the recommendations
  • Set strategic goals
  • Execution to reach the goals (hands-on) or help you achieve them (lead the team)

The engagement review is especially relevant when your company is intending to:

  • Find out the root cause of under-performance and slow Time to Market.
  • Make impacting organizational changes in the tech department, such as hiring a new CTO, VP Engineering, Heads, internal promotions, or other substantial changes.
  • Technical perfection vs. Time to Market continuously confronted.
  • Make the right technology stack choice.
  • Change the strategy of the product or introduce new lines of product.
  • Make a migration or introduce new technologies

The different chapters of the engagement reviews are:

  • Desired state: a collection of goals and company expectations
  • Analysis
    • Limitations
    • Constraints
    • Barriers to success
  • Key recommendations:
    • Technology
    • Product
    • Organization
    • Communication

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