Technical due diligence

Are you planning to acquire an Internet Business? We can help you to evaluate the condition of the technical platform and the operating staff.

We advise to make an investment knowing the risks and benefits of the technical side. You are probably evaluation a product that looks good but are you sure what is the cost of operating the platform? Can the platform scale as is? Are you aware of the condition of the technology? Do you have the right profiles to operate it? If not, how hard is to find them on the market?

Preliminary assessment

Our first phase consists of doing an initial review to assess the risk of making an acquisition. The key objective is to find out any red flags that need further investigation or that might even discard the acquisition.

With the preliminary information, we analyze the data and prepare an agenda for the interviews with the acquired company

Interviews with the acquiree

A series of interviews with the technical managers, key developers, and other relevant staff takes place. The goal is to understand the condition of the technological platform, processes, methodologies, or personnel amongst others. For instance:

  • Quality of the code
  • Technologies
  • Performance
  • Scalability and growth limitations
  • Data portability
  • Business continuity


Having all the technical information analyzed, we give you a serious of recommendations and observations to let the investor take a sound decision concerning the technology.

  • Technical liabilities
  • Easiness to operate and expand the platform.
  • Necessary work and complexity to migrate the platform to the existing business
  • Evaluation of each department/team/area performance
  • Needed skills for business continuity
  • Knowledge silos

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