Migrations to cloud

Start enjoying the benefits pof operating in the cloud. Do not experiment, let us help you do it the right way.

Been there. Done that.”

Migrating your application to the cloud is a paradigm shift that presents new challenges but also brings many advantages over running on-premises applications.

We have migrated several companies to the cloud, advising them to implement the right migration strategy, and executing the migration ourselves. We make sure that this delicate step comes out with all the guarantees.

We are aware that applications are not ready to be moved to the cloud, and this is part of what our service does as well: run in Docker, automation, pipelines, testing, auto-scaling and more.

Do you have doubts about whether you should use Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Engine or Azure?

Migration to Cloud

We propose making a gradual, controlled, piece-by-piece migration to the cloud. Part of being confident that you can run in production the software is being able to reproduce the same environment in development. Our first step is usually to run your application on Docker and help you segment it if you still have a monolith.

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